Twenty miles up and over Snowdon!

One of my earlier challenges when I started to find my running legs was to take on the Rat Race’s Man vs Mountain a gruelling 20 mile race from sea level to the top of Mount Snowdon and down again.  They even added in a few obstacles and river crossing at the end for good measure, not to mention the hideous ‘Vertical Kilometre’ which is a brutal 250m ascent over a 1km distance.  Yep that’s a 1 in 4 or 25% incline and it’s timed as a race within a race.  That was an upsetting time, after 18 miles already up and over the biggest mountain in Wales we then had to ascend this awful thing.  Nonetheless we all slogged on through and I’m glad to say I finally got to that finish line and grabbed myself some much need hot soup and a hug!


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