It was an absolute pleasure to give a presentation at the fantastic Fulbridge Academy using my adventures to show how goal setting and overcoming difficulties to work towards giant goals one step at a time can result in amazing experiences.

So many questions!

This is such an amazing school, the rich and animated decor throughout made me feel like I should have bought a ticket. I was truly blown away by the whole place, the ethos, the unity and most importantly, the beaming smiles on the faces of the children. They were attentive and inquisitive throughout my talk, their harmonised gasps and wows were the perfect reactions. I then visited each classroom to answer as many questions as I could, (they had so many!) which then related to their follow up class on goal setting and what kind of person they are and would like to be.

As well as many questions about spiders, tigers, scorpions and surviving in the jungle, one great question was along the lines of “What’s your biggest goal”… I think in fact, being able to inspire others by sharing my experiences and tough lesson has become the most rewarding part of all of my adventures and is perhaps a goal I never initially envisaged. It gives purpose and drive to keep taking on more challenges. If my talks can have a positive impact on just one person in the room, then it’s been worthwhile, any more that that is a bonus. So when a hundred tiny hands are raised to ask questions, this feels like I’ve achieved an epic goal.

Thank you to all at Fulbridge Academy for having me, and good luck to all the children with your amazing goals and dreams!

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