Cycling the Green Wheel

I popped out for a ride around The Green Wheel with Dom on his Fat Bike, in slight contrast to my hybrid Boardman Comp.

Dom easily cruised over the rougher terrain, whilst I felt the rattles a bit more on my 28mm slicks. Great result though, NO PUNCTURES!! A win for kevlar lined tyres!

The Green Wheel was a lottery funded initiative to provide safe family friendly cycling routes all around Peterborough allowing people to ride around and into the city with little or no time on busy roads. A loop is around 45 miles, and there are then the ‘spokes’ of the wheel leading in and out of the city centre from many directions leading to and from surrounding towns and villages.

It’s a fantastic system also providing an insight into the surroundings with information boards giving details of the wildlife that you might see, and also a history of the land. Some of these areas date back beyond Roman occupancy and have some really interesting stories to tell.

Much of the route is smooth pathways and small back roads, but don’t follow my example and ride without a puncture repair kit as there and many gravel and rough sections. So if you like your nice smooth roads and narrow slick racing tyres, be prepared to rough it a bit. It’s totally worth it though.

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