Training Plans and Mentoring

From beginner to ultra and everything in-between

Click-and-Go Ultra-Marathon starter training plan

One size doesn’t generally fit all, but if you want can’t stretch to a bespoke plan tailored to you, the generic plan below will give you a bloody good start at least. This is a 20 week plan to take you from Park Run to Ultra Marathon. Unlike the bespoke plans, this won’t account for your lifestyle, family, work commitments but if will be a great guide to get you ready for the big miles!

Starter Plan: £29.00

Becoming Ultra: Bespoke Training Plan – with mentoring

Years of my intense and extreme experiences neatly packaged up for you in a bespoke 20-week training plan tailored towards your personal goals.

The plan will be based around what I learn about you during our free consultation chat, taking into account your current and historic fitness levels and achievements and your short and long term physical and mental goals. 

Your plan won’t just be an off-the shelf one-size-fits-all job, but will be designed specifically around you to compliment your and work/family life balance, accounting for any injuries/ailments to make sustainable, achievable and realistically suited for you to make steady progress week-on-week,  month-on-month to get you to the levels needed to achieve your ultra goals.

Cost: £349.00 – £149 + 2x £100 instalments

In-your-corner coaching:

Get ongoing wingman support and mentorship towards your physical and mindful goals. Where the mind goes, the body follows, so get that part in order and you’ll soon be fast-tracking towards your full potential.

This includes:

  • Initial consultation call
  • Unlimited WhatsApp/Messenger/email support and advice
  • Weekly progress calls/video chat to keep you accountable, focussed and motivated towards your goals.
  • Updating your plan as you progress, evolving and ramping it up so you’re always raising the bar and recreating your new normal.
  • This can run alongside other plans you’re following or taken with a personalised plan I create for you.

£150 per month (£95 if taken with my personal training plans)

1-2-1 Endurance and mindset day

Spend a day with me, running/hiking/biking at your pace plus a little extra push that I’ll squeeze out of you as I get to know what you’re made of. During the day we will discuss your goals in detail and address everything as it happens including; form, fatigue, aches, terrain, footwear, fuelling, hydration, equipment, what to expect on future ultra-marathons and any other questions you want to fire at me. 

Lunch and post-activity debrief and follow-up guide included.

This day has proven to be invaluable with past clients and has fast-tracked their training progress immensely, addressing countless questions all in one hit.

(This can be scheduled into the appropriate stage in your plan if you have one).

Cost: £275.00

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