A little bit about me

I’m a pretty regular guy, a dad of two awesome kids who I adore, they’re my number one purpose for challenging myself to push on and make a difference to myself, them and others, to make them proud and hopefully show them what can be achieved by mortals like us.

I also just love to run, travel and make a difference to others so being able to help charities and inspire others simply by doing things I love is an amazing gift I’m not going to waste.

It was only a few years ago after a car accident damaged my back that I was spurred on to get into running as it eased the pain by staying active.  It took me a few weeks before I could even manage just 1-2 miles without problems and I’ve just continued onward and upwards ever since.

6am and the tents come down from over our heads.

6am somewhere in the Sahara, the tents come down over our heads and it’s nearly time for another 50 degree marathon.  Gulp!

In the last few years I’ve raced and trained over thousands of miles from family park runs to beastly 40 mile obstacle races and the notorious Marathon des Sables running 156 miles across the Sahara.  One of the best parts of making some noise about these challenges is it’s enabled me to raise tens of thousands of pounds for charity which makes it all the more rewarding knowing that simply by putting one foot in front of the other I’m able to make a difference to those who really need it.

I’ve proudly been invited to be an ambassador for Anna’s Hope, and am on the board of trustees for Nene Inspired in collaboration with the Duke of Edinburgh Awards to provide adventure experiences for young people in difficult circumstances.

I regularly write and feature in publications including Outdoor Fitness, Trail Running, The Guardian Running Blog, ESP Magazine amongst others and am an ambassador for Bio-Synergy health and fitness supplements.

I’m often invited to appear as guest speaker at presentations such as the Duke of Edinburgh Awards most recently at St James’ Palace alongside Prince Edward which is a great honour and a privilege to be able to share my experiences in the hope to further inspire some already very accomplished young people.

43rd place and a pretty respectable time too!

Since writing for magazines reviewing races and talking of my challenges I thought I should create this site so I can just keep it all in one place.  I hope this lot can inspire and encourage more people to keep pushing on and going after those goals, run, ride or walk after their next shiny medal and better themselves step by step, mile by mile.

Please feel free to contact me about public speaking or brand, product and race reviews, guest blogs or articles or anything else.  I’m happy to hear feedback and questions so just fire away.

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